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Accent Remodeling & Renovations LLC is a strategically located Development Company located in Overland Park, KS. We are a family owned business and we have years of experience. The owner personally over sees every project that is done for your security. Accent Remodeling & Renovations LLC Construction principals possess a keen familiarity with the neighborhoods, ordinances, design approval, procedures, and permit processes, and that has made us extremely popular and reputable in the Kansas area.

The "Accent Remodeling & Renovations LLC Construction Team" is comprised of a highly respected, talented, and quality- orientated group of professionals who combine their expertise and skills on every project. The company and its team members have a firm commitment to value creation and enduring quality. We are confident that our services will make the construction process a smooth, predictable and, most important, an enjoyable experience for our Clients.

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